Five Mistakes First Time Home Buyers Make

Buying your first house is exciting. Having a place that is all your own where you have free reign and a blank canvas to design and furnish however you want is both thrilling and overwhelming. There could be renovations on the horizon or simply paint colors to select or furnishings to buy. Regardless of what your next steps for your new home are, there are common mistakes that many first-time home buyers make shortly after purchasing their home.


We’ve identified several things you should avoid when moving into your new home.

  • Filling rooms too quickly. Typically, a first home is larger than your previous apartment or rental, meaning you will likely need more furniture to fill it. Instead of hurrying to the first furniture store you see and buying like crazy, spend some time researching and shopping for pieces that you truly love. Enjoy the process of making your house a home and work on one room at a time.



  •  Not determining form versus functionality. Homes can and should look as beautiful as they are functional. First-time home buyers have a tendency to gravitate to the pretty things without giving thought to how they might be used or the quality of the item. For example, do you really want a white sofa if you have small children or dogs? Live in your house for a bit before making large furnishing purchases to really know what will functionally work for your home.


  • Not prioritizing or being realistic when creating a budget. Whether defining a construction or a furnishings budget, almost all of us suffer from wanting more than we can afford {be it more square footage or higher priced finishes and/or furnishings}. Be understanding and willing to accept that some things may have to wait for a future phase. Focus on those areas and components that will have the most impact and would be harder to change later {i.e. finishes and furnishings in living/public spaces, flooring, getting the footprint of the home right, appropriately lighting the home, etc.}. Upgrades to tile, plumbing, lighting, furnishings in secondary rooms, etc. can be made when financially feasible.




  • Making trendy design decisions. Don’t base all of your design decisions – particularly fundamental decisions – for your new home on current trends. Choose paint colors, furnishings and artwork based on what you love and your personal taste. Going with trends can leave your home feeling dated once that trend has passed and will leave you regretting certain purchases a few years down the road.


  • Not hiring a professional. Professionals can help you cull through all that you like and pull it together seamlessly. Whether you are looking to renovate before moving in or just need to select furnishings or various design elements, architects and designers are good at visualizing components together and guiding you through this process. Search for a good designer and once you’ve found one, share your likes/dislikes/ideas with them. Find a starting point for a room that you love and trust your designer to build your vision around that.




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